10635846_10152244335876809_8093274626414348812_nI am an artist and I was born and raised in Russia and now I live in NYC. I make my art because it is a part of me, my senses like eyesight or smell. It’s as necessary as the heart beat or the breath one takes to live. It is as natural to me, as is eating and sleeping for others.

I would not be alive without being able to have this as an output of all the emotions, good or bad that live inside me. I would blow apart from sadness, anger or happiness and lust. I cannot be a carrier of such a powerful forces, which is why I think I was given a gift to express myself visually and share it with people.

I find it rewarding that in my images, the spectator identifies that he or she is not alone and living the same human life, filled with joy and sorrow, confusion and pain, unexplained sparks of happiness and repetition of all of the above in numerous combinations over and over again.

I live a busy life and I find that I must create every day. I find an hour a day where I start my work, usually with something as simple as the date, that I draw first and then I just let my emotions go and get what I feel out. Currently, my work is on paper and in numerous, filled, sketchbooks. I work with any materials that are at my disposal, at that particular moment; pens, watercolors, sharpies, color pencils. I carry my materials with me at all times, and as I find that hour that allows me to step away from the everyday busy life, I become what I feel is a vessel. I just let go and images come out without me controlling the initial visual. Once the idea is down on the page I use the skills crafted from years of traditional fine art training to work the idea into a visually impact-full image, so at the end what I get is an artwork that carries a message. My mind is filled with images that surround me, colors that I am particularly attracted to at certain periods of time, visuals by other artists or at shows‑ all of that inspires and finds its way into my artwork.


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