Do you write she asked me. English is a second language, I said. Well, but you have such a grasp of the language.

I do, when I am angry, or passionate about something. Right now I am passionate to talk about how women hate other women, compete with other women, and make life of other women difficult. IT is coming up. Right here.

Did you know that women compete with other women big time? Not all women. Thank God. Quite a few of them. I am a competitive person, supposedly, but my biggest competition is me. I compete for my happiness, my stability, making art, living the life I want. With myself. I am my own worse enemy when it comes to self defeating and self -degrading.

That is why is was a huge HUGE I say surprise to me to find out that Women , who suppose to help each other? understand each other? have empathy for each other? Delusional me! actually a lot of times do the opposite. They make life for other women more difficult.


And how? How would they do it. One way to do it, is to make someone to do more work. So here i am working in my new small part time job. I teach little kids art. I subbed for them last year, tutored owners kids last year and I was offered this 2.5 hour ia week little gig. I said yes. I need the money, I am good with kids. I am good at what I do. The kids I tutored really liked me, learned how to draw and their mother seemed to be very happy. She is a co-owner of the place where I teach.

So she is cool.

Yet she has a co-owner of the school. And That is another new story. First day I was there I was lectured how to teach, what to teach  a totally different curriculum that was offered to em last year, and I was prepared to teach). I had to give lessons plans, supply list, organize shows so parents are happy, follow tutorial of AN AMAZING TEACHER… that she would forward to me, etc.

I have years of experience and one thing is going for me that I am great in the classroom.

I agree. I can do it. I said so, but you know that is not enough. Kissing ass is required. Maybe gaining 20 more pounds is another thing that should be in the job description. Aging would help too. Me looking 20 years younger than her… is not cutting it. If you are intimidated.. then it is your problem, and why would you want to pour this on me? Does it make you feel better? No desire to listen to what i have to say either. You know I have nothing to say, as I am an artist, so now.. that is an OXIMORON You need an artist to teach art and you hate me for being one?

I love when someone is talking at me. Two of us is standing here, and you are giving me a speech. I love that! Won’t you love that?.

BTW there was a guy , gentleman, free artist working there last year. He would party, be late, miss classes, I bet you my right ear she would never talk to him like this.

After reading this, I am thinking… maybe it is also about the money. She is paying me good $120 for all that I do. She can tell me what to do…. right?

Correct, but do you need to be plain MEAN saying things? Probably Not.

Yesterday night I told my 13 year old son what is on my mind. This is what he said: I ll come there one day and I ll tell that B….” Do not make my mom do the extra work that does need to be done, that is BS! She is a great teacher and you should be happy to have her! And be nice to HER!”

He said few other things… that I won’t write, but the bottom line is: Be NICE, People. And deal with your unresolved issues in a Therapist office not your work place.1610791_10152229401686809_7543673206288410244_n




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